To go microFourThirds or not?

What I always liked about my Fuji x100 was that you would get the same image quality (sometimes better and more film like!) as my APC-C cameras the D300/D90 – but in a compact form.  Nice.  But these days, if you listen to the way the microFourThirds people talk (incl. Steve Huff) they say technology has caught up with the APC-C cameras. Get an Em-1 and get the same quality in a lighter more ‘iPhone tech’ like way?

So, should I go microFourThirds and get a EM-1?


Sensor size and quality: I can believe that the EM1 might equal an ageing D300, but  it won’t equal a bigger sensor of the same generation.  Bigger is better – within the same generation of sensor.  Of course there are benefits of smaller sensors, like a more deep and relaxed DOF. But re quality – yeah I took some shots in a shop with the EM-1 and whilst good, I don’t think they are all that good.  I don’t think I’d be happy.  A limited test, so I downloaded good outdoor samples in RAW and examined them.  Surprisingly good, but not what I’m after.

Compactness: Having said that, I must admit that compactness is a big thing, I’m beginning to realise that more and more these days. My D300 + grip/drive + 24-70 2.8mm lens weighs a ton. I never worried about it so much before, but for some reason its become a real issue these days (is it my getting older!?).  That’s why I went for my Fuji x100 and x20 – both of which have been wonderful companions.  The OM-D EM-1 is small but the Sony a7r is just as small – so the plot thickens!  A friend of mine was in a store playing with the EM-1 and said “this feels like a toy!”.  Hmmm.

My 24-70 2.8 lens has never had a proper FF home, and the D600 was a debacle, so I’m still waiting for Nikon to deliver a modern FF. But then, it will be heavy, and no stabilisation on the 24-70. But if the image quality is superb and its affordable, then that could be worth getting and sticking with Nikon. But since I can use Nikon lenses on the Sony a7r – that seems to be the solution.  So that’s what I bought!

So the answer to the question “To go microFourThirds or not?” has turned out to be no!

A review of the Sony a7r to come.

Hmm – my perfect combo a7r 36mp + 24-70 2.8 stabilised lens


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